Bespoke Suit & Shirt Tailor

Finest quality fabrics

All garments are fully made to measure,
each customer has a personalized pattern made.

Genuine expertise with a life time knowledge of bespoke

We provide full service custom tailor according to your business, career and social needs

We tailor made suits, tuxedos, sport jackets, pants and topcoats

100% Handmade in Hong Kong

Over 40 years tailoring craftsmanship

Speedy Fitting available in 2-3 hours

Wide variety of selected premium fabric

Large selection of colors and patterns

At Simpson Sin Tailor each shirt is a truly bespoke garment, constructed using the traditional techniques and every customer is fully measured to accentuate your figure in the best possible way

We tailor made a wide range of premium quality shirts from business-shirts, oxford shirts, button-down shirts, to linen shirts

Before Year 2005

Year 2005

Establishment of Simpson Sin Tailor

Year 2006

First Trip to the United States

Year 2007-2012

Year 2012

Anthony Bourdain Visit – Filming of “The Layover Hong Kong”

Year 2013

Aziz Ansari Visit – Filming of “The Getaway Hong Kong”

Year 2014

Josh Ozersky Visit – Filming of “Eat Like A Man Hong Kong”

Year 2017

Interviewed by CGTV

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